Because Even a Work in Progress is Still a Masterpiece

First there was Little Women. Those sisters really tore it up in the Civil War era. Even the mousey, writer sis got her awkward German émigré. Bump up a 100 years, and Paul Junger-Witt brought us The Golden Girls, who showed us that sisterhood could be bawdy and smart at any age. They had each other’s backs hanging out on that lanai. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, the gals from Sex and the City, made love to New York City, and were much more than their cleverly compartmentalized archetypes in stilettos. We love them less for their quips, but more for the fact that we could relate. We too wanted our boys to come through for us.

Fantasies are all fabulous, but we often wonder, what does fabulous really look like in the cold, light of day?

Miss Matched is about real life women navigating, negotiating, willing to succeed and fail at relationships. Any kind of relationship, mind you – with our loves, our exes, our bosses and colleagues, our families (the ones we chose and those we didn’t) and our friends. This is a celebration of many things, most of all our love for the people in our lives and the ones who we have yet to meet. We are up for the adventure of finding a true, intimate and fun partnership because we know it exists.

A Miss Matched kind of gal is not set in her ways – she is an urban sophisticate who can sniff out narcissism like a French pig does truffles. She’s not set in her ways and is willing to explore, which is nice because this is not her first time at the rodeo, and no spring chicken, even if she looks 10 years younger than she actually is. She is strong and vulnerable, and she has lived to tell the tale.

We hope you love Miss Matched as much as we do, and join us on all the trials, tribulations, and adventures in dating, mating and the dance between work and life balance. Nobody is perfect, don’t you know, even a work in progress is still a masterpiece.

Shel C and J.Yo
Creators & Current Romantics
Miss Matched


  1. drinkchai said,

    God… you give me a breathing sigh of relief at being a work in progress!!

  2. outdooradvertising said,

    , 🙂

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